5 Ways Your Engagement Platform Supports Value-Based Reimbursement

Help your providers become more efficient and reach their value-based reimbursement goals.


When your providers work efficiently, it lowers the cost of care, improves outcomes, increases member satisfaction, and boosts your compliance scores.

So why not help your providers help you?

This is why so many payers are transitioning away from the outdated and inefficient “fee-for-service” reimbursement model and adopting a value-based reimbursement model. Unlike its predecessor, this model incentivizes quality, not the quantity of care.

But it can put a lot of pressure on providers. Since the payment amounts are established in advance, if providers can’t work efficiently, they don’t make as much—and they could even lose money!

Value-based reimbursement is in your and your members’ best interest. In this free ebook, we’ll show you six strategies you can use to help your providers maximize their reimbursement, so they’ll see that it’s in their best interest, too.


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