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Should You DIY Your Health Plan Portal?

A health plan portal is a big investment that can have a huge impact on your ability to deliver quality care. It lowers administrative costs, increases member engagement, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Some health plans feel that their portal is too important to entrust to a third-party, so they use an in-house team. Others choose to work with vendors precisely because their portal is so important.

There are pros and cons to either option, but what you decide ultimately depends on what your organization is capable of.

In our free ebook, Should You DIY Your Health Plan Portal?, we explore the key questions every health plan needs to wrestle with before they make this decision.

  • What does it take to build a portal in-house?
  • What functionality should your portal have?
  • How important is integration?
  • Is a vendor portal still customizable?
  • How will you keep your portal secure?
  • How will your portal perform at scale?

By the time you finish, you’ll have a clearer picture of where each route will take you, how it will affect your members (and your budget), and which option makes the most sense for your organization.

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