The secret to closing gaps in care

Gaps in Care: Closing the Loop


Closing gaps in care takes a coordinated effort between payers, providers, and members. You have the data that says what care your members need for you to be compliant. Your providers deliver the care. And your members have to seek that care.

But for many payers, that process is disjointed and frustrating. It’s a struggle to engage members and give providers the information they need in a way they can use.

There’s no one tool that can close gaps in care. But with a suite of tools—an engagement platform—you can facilitate and streamline the process of closing gaps.

In Gaps in Care: Closing the Loop, we’ll show you how to close gaps by:

  • Putting all your data in one place
  • Giving your team better ways to view and access that data
  • Coordinating with your providers
  • Guiding your members through the process of getting care
  • Preventing them before they occur

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