Hx Virtual Assistants

Simply enhance engagement, reduce costs, and improve outcomes

With the flexibility of a portal and a contact center’s responsiveness, Hx Virtual Assistants analyze voice inputs to deliver quick, consistent, and complete answers. These scalable, cost-effective solutions enable payers to elevate member and provider engagement and simplify administrative processes more efficiently than the traditional contact center for many common requests.

Hx Virtual Assistants provide:

  • ease of implementation, eliminating the need for payer infrastructure investments, and reducing time-to-market without compromising configurability
  • conversational AI technology that utilizes natural language understanding, deep learning, and cloud computing to provide an intuitive conversational experience
  • out-of-the-box capabilities to offer unique, personalized responses that enable provider processes such as billing reconciliation management, insurance verification, patient education facilitation, all of which enhance the patient-provider relationship and the payer-provider relationship
  • consistent, accurate information that is maintained across any of the Hx Virtual Assistant channels, creating an omnichannel communication environment that is important to payers and providers alike
  • and content, context, and rich metadata made available through built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to enhance future service interactions

Healthx, Inc. has provided healthcare payers with market-leading solutions that deliver enhanced engagement, reduced operating expenses, and improved clinical outcomes for more than twenty years. The Hx Engagement Platform includes proven portals and a growing suite of targeted innovations–like Hx Virtual Assistants and the Hx Mobile App.

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