Reduce Your Enrollment Costs

The Member Enrollment Journey: How an Engagement Platform Improves Efficiency


Enrollment is how payers maintain a steady flow of new members. Eligibility is how you ensure people select appropriate plans. These two processes are vital to your business—but they’re also expensive.

It takes a lot of hands-on administrative work to: 

  • Nurture leads
  • Help people select the right plans
  • Onboard new members
  • Engage members who need to re-enroll

But with the right digital tools, you can automate and simplify enrollment and eligibility, saving you time and money every step of the way.

Using Healthx’s omnichannel engagement platform, you can:

  • Completely facilitate enrollment online
  • Create and automatically enforce eligibility rules
  • Collect data from prospective members
  • Showcase content to help consumers research your plans
  • Text members when it’s time to re-enroll
  • Answer enrollment-related questions via chatbot
  • Email brokers with enrollment status updates
  • And more

All of this serves to drastically reduce your administrative costs. In our ebook, The Member Enrollment Journey: How an Engagement Platform Improves Efficiency, we walk you through how the Healthx platform saves you money on enrollment and eligibility.

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