Your members don't just want a portal. They want a convenient experience.

The Member Platform: Why Focusing on Portals is Holding You Back

Most health plans have some sort of member portal. But few health plans take the time to explore what their members expect from an online or mobile experience. The reality is, by itself, a member portal just isn’t going to cut it.

Your members want to make decisions based on current information. They want to see things that are directly relevant to them. They want to manage their healthcare without having to make a phone call or wait. And they want you to tell them when there’s something they need to see or do.

You don’t need a member portal. You need a member platform. In our free ebook, The Member Platform: Why Focusing on Portals Is Holding You Back, you’ll see how a platform lets you:

  • Display dynamic content and relevant data your members need
  • Notify members about gaps in care and give them convenient next steps
  • Simplify communication so your members can securely message you or their providers
  • Drive ideal behavior by providing better access to information
  • Transform your portal into a self-service healthcare solution

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