Finally, one platform to orchestrate the complex healthcare journey

Connecting providers and engaging members to lower healthcare costs

A lot of healthcare payers already have online member and provider portals coupled with other technology tools, but they still see a dramatic increase quality of care when they implement Healthx’s Customer Experience Platform. Why? Because we empower your consumer engagement strategy by unifying data, providing engagement analytics, and enabling payers to orchestrate interactions for members and providers to manage outcomes, drive value, and provide significant savings for the entire healthcare system.

It's not enough to simply have an online member and provider portal. It's not even enough to have mobile tools. Forward-thinking healthcare payers know if they want to keep their members engaged over time, they need an integrated technology platform to empower the healthcare journey.  

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, consumers have come to expect if not demand an Amazon-like experience at every touchpoint of their lives. It’s time for you to empower the consumer experience and improve HEDIS Scores, star ratings, quality of care, and gaps in care with healthcare software designed to lower administrative costs and improve overall member health.

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Features and Benefits of the Healthx Integrated Customer Experience Platform:

  • Member, Provider, Broker, and Employer Portals
  • Central Hub for your technology tools
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Close Gaps in Care
  • Increase Star Ratings
  • Largest Partner Network with 200+ Integrations

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