15 Solutions to Increase Provider Engagement

Engage your providers to reduce administrative costs, improve compliance scores, and increase member engagement.


Most payers are well aware of the benefits of member engagement: reduced admin costs, improved compliance scores, increased member satisfaction, and more efficient use of care.

But provider engagement can lead to those benefits, too. And when your providers are engaged, they’re one of your most effective channels to drive member behavior.

Your providers are already motivated to give your members the best possible care, and to reduce administrative costs. But they can be held back by inefficient (and often manual) processes and poor access to the data they need.

In 15 Solutions to Increase Provider Engagement, we’ll show you how modern healthcare tools can:

  • Create new opportunities to engage providers
  • Simplify inquiries, saving you time on routine processes
  • Streamline costly submissions so you and your providers can increase efficiencies
  • Give providers better ways to explore your data and act on gaps in care


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